James Edwards

software development, project management and video production.

About Us

We provide project management and software development services, as well as create technical how-to videos, mainly for the software industry. Our clients include Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft.

Most of our work is done out of our office north of Seattle, however we are highly mobile and enjoy traveling as part of project work.

James Edwards

Software Design Engineer

James Edwards has been working in the software industry since 1992.

Prior to his consultation practice, James worked for Microsoft as a Software Design Engineer, Program Manager and Marketing Manager. His work at Microsoft focused on developing scalable, secure, internationalized and metrics-enabled n-tier solutions including a publishing solution for the Microsoft.com home page, the Microsoft Product Catalog, Microsoft.com Search, Microsoft.com metrics, security, and the Windows Media Center's Online Spotlight.

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How To Work With Us

We prefer an iterative approach to projects. Every project is different. Typically, we discuss your project needs, develop a project plan and come to a budget agreement, and develop a prototype if necessary. Then we iterate: code, review and repeat.